Welcome Venture English Students! This is YOUR blog.

Believe it or not, it is incredibly easy to use this blog, and to do so safely, collectively, educationally and enjoyably:)

Whenever you want to blog something, just log in via wordpress.com, then go to ventureenglishstudents.wordpress.com, and finally click the picture of the pencil in the top right-hand corner of the webpage.  Voila!

Now you can write stuff, post youtube videos and pictures (using the ‘Add Media’ button just above the bit you write in), include links to great study resources you want to share with your classmates, and comment on whatever you’re all posting about.

If you make a mistake or change your mind, you can edit or delete:)

You can also save a draft until later, or preview a post before it goes live, or make it private so no one but other VE students can see it (see the functions on the right of your screen as you’re writing a post).

It shouldn’t be hard work:)  Any questions though, why not see if a tech-savvy classmate can help you out?  And don’t be afraid to ask your teacher!

Panda at Edinburgh Zoo

Ooh, where do I begin?

So then, what could you post about? 

Venture English will start you off with your first writing assignment, and we’ll keep your fire burning for the blogosphere by tasking you with periodic assignments.

But really, this is your forum, so do whatever you like with it.  Think of it as a way of developing your writing, expanding your reading, benefiting from the strengths of your learning community, and creating a nice wee English language resource that you can return to long after your course at Venture English has finished:)

So, who’s first?!


The VE Team