IELTS writing: task 2 tips

This is the second post of Venture English dedicated to the IELTS writing test. Now we will talk about Task Two. Remember, it is an essay about a given topic with a length of 250 words. It should take you about 40 minutes, if you have spent the recommended 20 minutes on Task One.


“Never say more than is necessary” – Richard Brinsley Sheridan

An essay has three main parts: the introduction, the body and the conclusion.

Introduction: This is the presentation of the topic, and it usually includes your intentions and some background information. You must not  include your personal opinion.

Body: It gives your arguments and points of view about the subject, and its advantages and disadvantages, supported by information and data.

Conclusion: It summarizes the main point of the body and it is the part where you can introduce your thoughts about the topic.

And here are the Venture English tips:

  • Read carefully what they are asking for in the task.
  • Use appropriate language.
  • Use the correct grammar.
  • Use correct signposting to help the reader to understand the organization of your essay: listing (firstly, secondly…), giving opposite arguments (on the other hand), developing more information (in addition to, moreover), etc…
  • Use appropriate hedging: language that shows your degree of (un)certainty about something.

Read some of these examples to help you to improve your writing.

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