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10 tips to learn new English vocabulary

I’m from Mexico and for me studying a new language here in Edinburgh wasn’t easy at the beginning!  Every time I wanted to learn a new word I was trying to memorize it but that wasn’t helpful at all!!  So here are 10 tips that I used to improve my English vocabulary, hoping it will be useful for you:


  1. Try to read every day in the new language (books, newspaper, magazines, etc)
  2. When you identify an unfamiliar word, try to understand the context and then verify the definition in the dictionary
  3. Every time you want to know the meaning of a word, try to use the new language dictionary so you can learn more synonyms
  4. Make a vocabulary diary where you can write the new words and try to read it at least once a day
  5. Create sentences with the new words, write them in post-its and paste them in your room, so you can look at them constantly
  6. When you learn a new word, try to identify if the word can be used as a noun, adjective, verb or adverb, to learn more than one way of using the word
  7. Be curious!!! Every time you don’t know the meaning of a word ask or search for the meaning
  8. Play games that make you use new words
  9. Try to write your favourite songs, this is helpful because every time you sing the song you will remember the meaning!
  10. Dividing words also can help to understand the meaning, for example: Bagpipes=Bag-Pipes

Post by: Mariana Candas